Personal Training

Bodyweight aerial fitness tailored to you

If you’re keen to hone your technique, master a new skill or work around a limiting injury, our Personal Training service is for you!

You can book a session for yourself (1:1) or with up to two friends (1:3). Either way, you’ll benefit from an experienced AirSpace teacher tailoring a workout to you based on your personal fitness goals as in individual or group. AirSpace PT is suited to all levels of fitness and experience.

Is Personal Training suitable for me?
  • You’re new to AirSpace and would feel more confident in a smaller/one-on-one training environment
  • You have a specific physical requirement(s) that requires one-on-one attention from a trainer, such as an injury or health condition
  • You’re looking for a workout tailored specifically to your goals

To book AirSpace PT sessions, email admin@airyogaperth.com.au 

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Using the aerial hammock for support, you’ll build mobility, flexibility and strength.