Ashley Lau

Co-Founder / Aerialist

For some, the call to the circus is in the blood. For others, it’s a whisper that starts after seeing their first show and steadily builds until it can’t be ignored. For Ash, the call came at 3am while starting a university assignment that was due the next day.

Never one to ignore destiny, Ash heeded the call, and immediately signed up for every class at the WA Circus School, despite having no acrobatics or gymnastics experience. During these formative years Ash tried everything from Russian Bar to Tumbling, but found his true love was in the air.

He’s been involved in the circus industry as a student, performer and coach in Australia and overseas. Ash studied for three years full time at The Beijing International Arts School, as well as working at Circocan in Curitiba, Brazil. He has trained with some of the most renowned coaches in the circus industry, including Yury Bozyan in Montreal, Canada, and has been exposed to many different training styles and methods. All these experiences, Ash brings to AirSpace.

Since Ash answered the call, he hasn’t looked back. He’s performed internationally on stages large and small, relishing the opportunity to share his love of flying with audiences around the world.