For all ages and body types.


Become fitter and more flexible.


Discover fun and freedom through mastery.

Become a better version of you with bodyweight aerial fitness.

What We Do

AirSpace offers a range of unique conditioning and mobility based classes inspired by the art of aerial performance.

We welcome people of all ages and body types, from absolute beginners to fitness gurus.

With the right training anyone can perform amazingly fluid and precise routines suspended on air


Tracey Eccelstone

"I attended a rings class and Trevor was outstanding, his knowledge is phenomenal and his teaching skills took me to my limit but not too far—just far enough to know I need more...I insist you take your weary body through those doors."

Tracey Eccelstone
Ryan Michael

“Ashley and the team are very helpful and professional. I had no experience in yoga at all when I started with my wife and it's a great activity we share that we can do together but at our own level.”  

Ryan Michael
Adrian Griffith

“Two-and-a-half years now and I'm still being challenged and pushed to achieve new goals and milestones. Excellent vibe from the instructors to make the classes sociable, enjoyable and hard work!”

Adrian Griffith

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