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Flexibility Coaching and development Options

AirSpace Flexibility Assessment :

Sometimes you need a little more assistance on your flexibility journey.

A Flexibility Assessment is for you if:

-You are managing injuries

-You feel like you have hit a plateau

-You need assistance with programming

-You want to optimise or focus your training

What you get:

-A graded, individualised, goal-specific flexibility training program. This stand-alone program is usually suitable for six weeks to 3 months before a review. 

 -Program tracking and feedback via Trackactive.

-Support to reach your flexibility goals.

-Access to a qualified, experienced physiotherapist/flexibility coach.

Book via airspace.clinko.com/bookings

Private Flexibility coaching

Sometimes it’s nice to get that personal touch.

Private flexibility Coaching is recommended if:

-You need external accountability.

-You are managing injuries.

-You feel like you have hit a plateau.

-You want to optimise or focus your training.


-You enjoy working 1;1

-You find manual therapy, massage, needling or partner stretching helps your flexibility training.

-You want to see fast progress.

During a flexibility private, you can decide what goals you want to work on, and the session will be tailored to get the best results for you.

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AirSpace Flexibility Mastery Online Training course

This course is not just about improving flexibility. It will empower you to take control of your flexibility journey.

There is no one best way to train flexibility.

This course will help you find your way. Step by step, you will be guided through establishing workable goals, developing skills around active recovery, calming your nervous system and intuitive programming. 

You will learn to challenge unhelpful biases and nurture beliefs that will improve your training. You will discover what your flexibility priority should be and how best to schedule your training for optimum results. You will come to understand why these things are essential and how flexibility training works.

Course design

The course is six modules that run over a minimum of six weeks. You can take as long as you need to complete this course, and you will always have access to the course content.

Workbooks are specially designed to help you implement and personalise the content in a user-friendly way.

Quizzes, at the end of each module, ensure that you understand the implications of the content. 


Your coach will review your workbooks and the answers to the quiz and provide feedback to ensure you have the support you need to individualise and implement the content. Your coach is there to help you get the most out of this course. 1;1 in-person or telephone consults are also available.

To start AirSpace Flexibility now: airspace.vipmembervault.com/products/courses/view

AirSpace Flexibility Mastery Private Facebook Group

This group is for everyone to share their insights, experiences, challenges and progress in their flexibility journey. 

You don't have to be a student to be a member. There is a lot of educational content available for free. Just check out the popular topics or run a search in the group.

New content is always being created and group members can drive what content is developed next.

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