Finding the Right Physio as a Pole Dancer

You deserve better than to be told ‘don’t do that or ‘just rest’ because a physio doesn’t know better. 
Ashleigh Flanagan
August 26, 2021

We at AirSpace Physiotherapy were very proud to sponsor Miss Pole Dance Australia- WA heat 2021 over the weekend. Safe to say, the event, hosted by Polaris Pole Studio, was amazing, and all the contestants were incredible. An extra special congratulations go to winner Ruby (Bobbis Pole Studio) and runner up Dalia (Bobbis Pole Studio & Kinetica CDT).


Anyone who has been to a pole competition or performance will recognise the incredible level of athleticism needed. Pole dancers require extreme levels of flexibility and strength that take years of dedicated training to achieve. The intensity of their training necessitates considered programing and a pro-active recovery plan. Unfortunately, injuries are common amongst both professional and amateur pole dancers.


So what should a pole dancer look for in a physio?


It’s important to find a physio that;


 1. Understands the physical requirements of pole dance. They don’t necessarily have to pole dance themselves, but that can be handy when discussing specific moves.

2. Believes that bodies are robust, adaptable and can be conditioned to do incredible things (i.e. pole dance).

3. Acknowledges that pole dance isn’t just exercise for you. That it’s integral to maintaining your social and emotional wellbeing, and this needs to be considered in any treatment plan.

4. Recognises that you know your body best and supports you to listen to your body. They should work WITH you to help you get the most out of your training.


What should make you wary of a physio?


- Be concerned if a physio tells you that pole dancing is dangerous, causing you damage or will result in a catastrophic outcome in the future. While individual situations may vary, in general terms, there is no evidence to support any of these statements.

- Seek a second opinion if a physio tells you to rest completely without a solid plan to get you back to training in some form as soon as possible. You deserve better than to be told ‘don’t do that or ‘just rest’ because a physio doesn’t know better. 


The most important thing is to find a physio you gel with and create a robust professional relationship based on collaboration, empathy and respect. Ultimately, This will result in the best outcomes for you.

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