Peter Simpson

Peter Simpson

Physiotherapist / Exercise Physiologist

2x winner best male trampolinist WA (all age groups)

Perth Fringe Festival acrobat

Gymnastics rings muscle up

Press to Handstand


BSc Physiotherapy (Curtin University),

Bsc Exercise and Health (the University of Western Australia), post grad dip.

Exercise Rehabilitation (the University of Western Australia)

About Coach

I competed in trampolining (WA state team) and gymnastics from quite a young age, as well as coaching in both over the years. It was a natural progression to both move into circus training and university qualification in exercise and health science- and eventually into becoming a physiotherapist. I've also had a lot of involvement with sporting clubs including division 1 hockey, WAFL colts, and NPL soccer. Some of my personal highlights include performing in the Perth Fringe Festival as an acrobat as well as a charity event for the children of Princess Margaret Hospital at their annual day out at the zoo.

Turning Point

With a competitive background, I very used to the grind and putting in 100% while often being unnecessarily hard on myself. A big turning point in my life was when I learned to reframe how I viewed failure. In this transition, I learned to love the process- not just the end result, which I think is a common story for those brought up in high-end sports where so much emphasis is placed on the final outcome. I learned the value of working and training with others and framing failures for what they really are, an essential and necessary part of the process. And with that mindset you can't go wrong, you can't stuff this up if you keep trying, finding new ways around problems, and asking (and knowing where to look) for help when you need it.

Motivation & Passion

My two main strengths as a coach include rehabilitating and working around the injury in return to full function, and trouble-shooting performance blocks whether this is in the realms of aerials, hand-balancing, or flexibility training. This could be taking an elusive skill and breaking it into its components to find that missing link, or finding the solution to why something "just doesn't feel right" and managing niggly or recurrent injuries. I believe to have a clear idea of what's going on you often need to look at the body as a whole, not just its individual segments, with solutions to problems not always coming from where you would expect.

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